Operation Algorithm

Implementation of the project in construction, ranging from idea and ending with commissioning the object, as well as any project has a specific algorithm implementation. Ignorance or neglect of the algorithm affects the components of the project, which are primarily the budget, schedule and quality of the final object.

Organizational Part 


List of Activities

  • Formation of the list of possible participants in the project.
  • Management and coordination of the development of tender documentation and holding tenders for works on the project.
  • Identifying the main project organization to implement the project.
  • Formation of a preliminary project schedule.



List of Activities

  • Management, coordination and approval for further planning of the initial pre-project proposals.
  • Preparation of tasks for the object design.
  • Organization and control over the performance of engineering and geological surveys.
  • Organization and control over the Surveying works.
  • Organization of approval of the conceptual solutions by the customer and the chief architect.
  • Management and control over approval of the concept by the relevant authorities.

Design work on the stage of "Project" and "Working documentation"


List of Activities

  • Adjustment of the design task for designing on the stage "Project".
  • Management and coordination of the design on the stage "Project".
  • Control over development and coordination of all required sections of the project.
  • Obtaining of technical specifications for the object connection with utility services  network.
  • Monitoring and assistance in obtaining a positive opinion of examination on the stage "Project", as well as monitoring and coordination of work aimed at elimination of the examination comments.
  • Organization and obtaining a permission to perform construction and other work on behalf of the customer.
  • Management and coordination of the design on the stage of developing work detailed documentation.

Construction of the object and the technical supervision of the construction


List of Activities

  • Management and coordination of the development of tender documentation and holding tenders for works on the project.
  • Processing and providing the customer with price and technical-economic indicators of the results of the tender for further selection of the general contractor.
  • Participation in negotiations with potential contractors and preparation of all the necessary contracts.
  • Composing a project budget and monitoring its implementation.
  • Giving assistance to the customer in technical part of the marketing project.
  • Monitoring compliance with the schedule of the project, including the timing of documentation design and carrying out construction work.
  • Control over the contractors carrying out construction work under the terms of agreements concluded with them.
  • Overseeing whether the work was done in compliance with the design documentation and specifications.
  • In the process of the project implementation getting approvals and permits required by the authorized state bodies, to the extent necessary for the construction and its completion.
  • In order to implement acceptance of the executed works by the customer to verify the amount and quality of work, and then to put visas on the appropriate acts for further signing by the customer.
  • Immediate notification of the customer about the circumstances causing some delays in the project schedule.
  • Examining and resolving disputable issues on fulfilling the terms of agreements (contracts) with all parties involved in the project.
  • Organization, supervision and control over the process of construction.
  • Control over conformity of the performed work with the design decisions, timing of construction and regulatory requirements, including quality of construction works.
  • Coordination and control over conformity of construction drawings with all sections of the project and their agreeing with experts and consultants.
  • Confirming compliance of the work documentation drawings with materials and documentation on the stage "Project".
  • Control over conformity of construction and assembly works, applied designs, products, materials, design decisions with the requirements of building regulations, standards, specifications and other regulatory documents.
  • Monitoring compliance of the volume, cost and quality of the performed work with the conditions of construction contracts, building standards and rules of production, and acceptance of these works.
  • Control of the geodetic work in the construction process.
  • Check of availability and accuracy of the primary executive technical documentation (executive schemes of instrumental recording of assembled structures, parts of buildings, structures and utilities, general and specialized registers) and making changes to it in connection with the identified deficiencies and faults in the production of construction works
  • Supervision of the construction site to ensure compliance of all participants in the project with the safety requirements.
  • Checking how construction and assembly organizations execute guidance and instructions of architectural and government building control bodies’, relating to the quality of construction and assembly works and applied designs, products, materials and equipment to ensure timely elimination of defects and faults identified in the acceptance of certain types of work and objects in general.
  • Coordination and provision of necessary and approved by the customer information to a group of persons engaged in the sale of flats in the process of construction and before their commissioning.

Commissioning of the finished object and entering it into operation


List of Activities

  • Preparation on behalf of the customer the necessary and sufficient set of documents to enter the completed object into operation.
  • Carrying out the interim acceptance of work, drawing up a list of defects and malfunctions, control over their elimination.
  • Organization of acceptance of the completed project and passing it to the customer or end user, and to exploiting organizations.
  • Organization on behalf of the customer entering the completed project into operation, work of the State Commission and the signing the Act on commissioning.
  • Assistance to the customer in receipt of all the necessary documents for registration of ownership title for the finished object.

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