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When and why the company was founded?

The company AK Engineering was founded in 2002, based on the new needs of the Ukrainian market. At that time, most of the market has a traditional understanding of the terminology of the Soviet general contracting company. according to obsolete standards contractor was responsible only for part of the work associated with the construction process. The functions of the organization, coordination and control over the whole cycle of works related to the construction of the object, design and survey works,d obtaining permits and commissioning belonged to the customer, who is also involved in arrangement of financing, while internationally, these functions are performed by administering a construction company.

In the process of its creation, "AK Engineering" was adopting the experience of construction of  the world's largest management companies, such as: Fluor, HOCHTIEA AG, STRABAG SE, KBR, Aker Solutions, Heidenhain, Bechtel, VINCI, URS.

What is the company today?

First of all AK Engineering today - is more than 10 years of experience and more than 500,000 commissioned built and reconstructed square meters., the company believes that the highest achievement in its history is the successful implementation of the NSK "Olympic" project of reconstruction in the country's preparations for the European Football Championship Euro 2012.

The focus in the company is on the staff - it's 80 administrative, managerial and technical staff, which provides administrative, legal, financial and technical support for building projects. The company's work is based on the use of the latest software and methodologies for project management in construction, working closely with most famous architectural bureaus and design teams with qualified subcontractors and suppliers of materials and equipment.

Who are the customers of AK Engineering?

AK Engineering customers are Ukrainian and foreign investment companies, development companies, agroindustrial and industrial holdings.

The company demonstrates its own flexibility and ability to work in almost any contract's conditions, although we are interesting in maximum transparency and clarity in the relationship.

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Why is it convinient to work with a company like AK Engineering?

We believe that everyone has to do their job. Customer (investor) at a certain stage of its development, decides to build a facility. His task - to choose the professionals in construction management  and to do their business without wasting its energy and resources on non-relevant functions and not being distracted by the many nuances associated with the organization of building, he has to control only the obligations assumed by the management company under the general contractor contract.

What is the philosophy of the AK Engineering?

AK Engineering is considering the construction of a project solely as the control and execution of the three major criteria - the construction budget, duration and quality of work, regulated by project documentation and customer’s requirements.

In what areas does the company operate?

AK Engineering - a professional company for managing construction projects, which means it has no limitations, except for highly specialized areas which are the construction of highway interchanges, bridges, underground constructions. The company interests in complicated and unique projects.

What is our pricing policy?

The company is considering the customer as a partner in the project to build and builds long-term relationships with them. So first of all transparent relationship is welcomed based on the commission, the weighted average amount of the general contracting services in the market, ranging from 4 to 5% of the value of construction works, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

In addition, the company  admires the action of the customer encouraging the general contractor to optimize the budget and time frame leading to the result when: the customer is saving money and spending them on their business development, general contractor –is getting the official award from the customer for the money saved or reduced construction time. Indeed, practically every project has the opportunity to optimize the process of building without loss of quality.

What are the advantages over the traditional company’s approach with construction equipment and workers?

There is a misunderstanding among the customers: namely, that the main criterion of  general contractor selection is to have own construction equipment and workers, and as a result, the cost advantage of the organization.

First of all, there are companies in the world that can do all kinds of work in the construction process solely on their own. General contractor, always uses the services of subcontractors in different respect.

Secondly, the general contractor is interested in maximimal application of  own logistical and human resources. Managing a company is flexibilin selecting subcontractors directed only by the principle of professionalism.The tender is arranged for each types of work among potential contractors.

Thirdly, in case of emergency, in terms of executors failure to meet the target, contractor tries to cover up the actions of its own structure by all possible means. While the management company simply applies penalties to the subcontractor and replaces it with another that passed prequalification tender in case of a repeat of a situation,  

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