AK Engineering - a successful company which provides professional project management in the construction industry for more than 19 years.

The company is constructing facilities for any purpose, at any level of complexity, with minimal impact on the cost of the work performed.

Highly qualified professionals are working in all departments of "AK Engineering" . The company's employees are certified IPMA (International Project Management Assotiation).

Company uses systems of Computer-Assisted Design, electronic document management tools, Microsoft Project, electronic archive of drawings and projects during projects implementation.

Areas of Construction

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Sport Facilities

Ice Arenas,
Basketball Arenas

Medical Centres

Maternity Clinics

Business Centres
and Banks

Business Centress, class A, B,
Banking Institutions

Residential Estates

Multifunctional Residential Estates,
Club Houses

Agro Industrial

Elevators, Stock Breeding Complexes

Project Management in the Construction Area 

Construction in the modern world is a multi-stage and complicated process, at various stages which is always a risk for the investor. Companies and banks financing the construction of modern buildings and mixed-use facilities face in the construction process with unpredictable results, giving management of the construction project to contractors or people from own staff, who don't have sufficient experience to operate in this field. It is better to address in advance to professionals in the management of a construction projects in case if you want that the construction process in a constantly changing environment doesn't become a struggle for budget, quality and time. This step will avoid unexpected financial losses or reduce them to a minimum.

19 yearsin the construction market

820 000 m²comissioned projects

975 employeeswith sunsidiary enterprises

168 800 m²the largest project

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