Construction of Residential Estates

Multifunction residential estates today are the most future-oriented form of three-dimensional organization of the living environment of the city, which reflected the needs of the modern man in a various and multi-valued urban environment, satisfied him in housing, work, communication and fun.

Multifunctional residential estate is a modern form of organization of the living environment of the city in which most fully realized human needs in housing, work, leisure and communication. The basic structural element of the development of residential areas in the cities were districts and residential areas until recently in domestic practice, which are based on the principle of zoning and multi- standardized public services. This led to the artificial division of the citywide planning system into two different functional areas - business center and peripheral residential education - bedrooms. Each of these zones had with its drawbacks: a business center, as multifunctional saturated system, suffered of degradation and development districts - of social dystrophy. 

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