Residential Complex "Diplomat Hall"

One of the largest residential buildings erected on the territory of Ukraine at the moment, unique in its engineering and technical equipment.

Residential Complex
"Dyplomat Hall"
General Contract

KievZhilyanskaya Street, 59

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66 004 m2 total area

17 floors

384 parking space in two-level undeground parking

Diplomat Hall

Zhilyanskaya Street, 59


The complex is special by its free modeling of internal space, use of use of natural ecologically clean materials (mahogany, marble, granite), gull external glazing of two commercial floors, central air conditioning, and autonomous heating system. Within the project two-level underground parking was equipped and landscape design of the adjacent territory was created.

The first design for the object was development in 2002 by a Canadian building company, but its implementation was postponed, and finally failed. 

After the project was transferred under AK Engineering’s control, for the two following year about 66 000 m2 area had to be built.

Customer of the object was strictly limited to the contract periods, so it became necessary for AK Engineering to mobilize the maximum possible efforts and resources to complete the work on time without damaging the quality. The project was successfully implemented. The residential complex "Diplomat Hall" was commissioned in 2005.

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