Multifunctional Center "Eco-Tower" is the largest business center of Zaporizhzhya, separate building which has 3 underground and 18 above ground levels.

Public Center
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ZaporozhyeLenin Avenue, 160

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18832 m2 total area

19 floors

4400 m2
underground parking area


Lenin Avenue, 160


In the technical "stuffing" of "Eco-tower" Mikonik control system of the lifts traffic is the most innovative (firstly established in the Ukrainian practice), which is a part of lifts and lifting equipment of Swiss company Schindler. This is a new concept of quality control over the passenger flow. With Mikonik problem solved rush hour traffic, a large number of stops and distortions in passenger service different floors. In practice, the trip in the lift is reduced by 35%.

BMS complete system (building management system) is an intelligent system of controlling technical systems of the building. Dispatcher of the building, while having a remote control, can control and change the settings of heating, cooling, air conditioning, and power consumption in any room. Data on electricity consumption flock to the overall system, which can be analyzed by the owner or tenant.

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