Kyiv Palace of Sports

A condition to ensure the possibility for holding the World Hockey Championship for juniors (U18) IIHF 2011 in the Palace of Sports required the creation of a new technological plate for forming high quality ice on the sports arena.

Palace of Sports
General Contract, Reconstruction

KievSports Square, 1

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50 000 m2 total area

7000 seats

Palace of Sports

Sports Square, 1


AK Engineering undertook duties of coordinating the work of more than 20 contractors, customer service and design, management of financing and quality control of construction work for one of the largest multi-sport facilities in Ukraine.

Works on replacement of the lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, systems of freezing and thawing of the ice arena, installation of utility network dispatching  systems, replacement of seats that meet the highest international standards, were carried out. 

Basic Type of Works

  • Управление финансированием проекта и контроль сроков реализации

    Financial and performance management of the project

  • 02_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Dismantling work in difficult, cramped conditions

  • 03_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Reconstruction of the pool in from of the Palace of Sports

  • 04_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Fire safety system

  • 05_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Dispatching, low voltage and IT systems

  • 06_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Two independent systems of ventilation and air conditioning of the pitch and stands

  • 07_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Equipping of the arena hall, replacement of seats in the stands

  • 08_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    System of ice freezing and thawing in the arena

  • 09_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Water supply, sewerage and sanitation works

  • 10_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Enhancement of bearing steel structures, which allowed mounting of 200 tons of additional equipment under the roof

  • 11_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Installation of an electronic scoreboard in the form of a cube of 4 screens, additional video screens and light boxes

  • 12_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Electrical works and installation of the built-in transformer substations

  • 13_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Control system of the match holding: a countdown timer, video surveillance and refereeing video system, etc

  • 14_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Access Control System: turnstiles, ticketing and passage of audience system, etc

  • 15_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Sound and light systems from the leading European manufacturers

  • 16_dvorets_vidyrabot.jpg

    Replacement of the entrance group, re-designing of the hall and dressing rooms under the rules of MFH

The newest JET ICE system was used in the technology of ice-creation. Dehumidifying system was installed into the air conditioning system of ice field. This allows generating a higher quality ice in summers. The system of ice thawing provides a possibility for using the Sports Palace arena for events that do not require ice after 6-8 hours.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of specialists of general contractor AK Engineering, contractors and designers, with the active assistance of the customer, Ukraine received an updated Sports Palace with the world level ice arena.

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