Donetsk "Planetarium"

New Donetsk "Planetarium" is a real star theater in which spectators can look in a new fashion at stars and make surprising travel to the world of bright astronomical images and sounds, thanks to the modern digital equipment and laser projectors with surprising lighting effects.

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DonetskArtema Street, 46b

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 1860 m2
total area

12 mdiameter of the stars dome



Artema Street, 46b


The main feature of Donetsk Planetarium is the unique equipment  of the star hall with the latest digital technology for create the "presence effect" when viewing programs. 88 comfortable seats are located under the stars dome of the planetarium, with a diameter of 12 meters.The building is equipped with modern high quality equipment: three-dimensional image projectors Belgian «BarcoReality SIM 5R». 

The hardware-software complex «InSpace System» includes professional digital audio and visual systems. Software from France presented the real-time astronomical simulator «SkyExplorer», high-resolution video player «ViPlayer HD». «DomeManager» software is used for managing the planetarium. A studio for creating own movies and show programs was also installed in the new planetarium.

Equipment Peculiarities

  • Belgian three-dimensional image projectors «BarcoReality SIM 5R»

    Belgian three-dimensional image projectors «BarcoReality SIM 5R»

  • The hardware-software complex «In Space System»

    The hardware-software complex «In Space System»

  • French real-time astronomical simulator «SkyExplorer»

    French real-time astronomical simulator «SkyExplorer»

Ultramodern cultural-educational center "Donetsk Planetarium" is the example of implementation of new technologies in the sphere of social and educational programs. Through the construction of the object, specialists of AC “Engineering Donbass "gained the invaluable experience in installation of complex multimedia systems.

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