Residential Building "Patorzhinskiy"

Residential building on Patorzhinskogo street located in the quiet center of Kyiv, just in a short walk from Kreschatik. Granite façade, marble and natural stone finishing, large windows and outdoor terraces and impressive status of the building is visible from afar.

Residential Building
General Contract

KievPatorzhinskogo Street, 6

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3 638 m2total area


668 m2parking area








Patorzhinskogo Street, 6


For convenience of building residents sources of power are duplicated in the building. Tap water undergoes additional purification. In the courtyard there is own parking place and playground.

Upon completion of the construction, the building organically fit into the historic part of the city. The building project included not only high-quality implementation, but also preservation of the architectural heritage of Kyiv.

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