General Contract

General contracting services is becoming increasingly popular and it is justified because of the greater flexibility and mobility of the general contractors. Very difficult to merge into one company the best construction techniques and qualified staff, effectively choose the best of competing subcontractors.

The construction process brings together a range of complex and specific tasks. General contractor exist to perform them without downtime, outages and failures. Unfortunately, there are investors who underestimate the role of general contractor in the construction of facilities. In an attempt to cope on their own, such companies spend huge money on services of qualified professionals, attract staff from outside and thus not immune from mistakes. To have economic guarantees in the implementation of all phases of work efficiently to find a reliable partner who will take over the leadership processes and will be responsible for cooperation between units. As a result of a competent general contractor's work will be rhythmic planned work and significant cost savings.

General contractor is managing all processes at a construction site, located in the same hands . The idea of a general contract is building partnership relations between customer and general contractor. The general contractor controls the different stages of construction of the facility, the individual works of various kinds and move their production, is responsible for the results and the final quality of the work. The customer does not need to go into the details of construction works - installation of utility systems, asssembling, plumbing, concrete , electrical and other construction works under the supervision of specialists.

Qualified general contractor should provide effective interaction of individuals and teams of professionals working on the construction site .

General contractor assumes all risks according with contract and is solely responsible for the execution of the work undertaken and adequate quality directly to the customer of construction. That is why choosing a competent and professional general contractor is the main task in the construction project .

Customer requests to the general contractor the development of the full-fledged organizational structure of the project management, method statement and subsequent implementation of theirs. General contractor assumes all risk that are associated with implementation of subcontracting.

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