General Design

Usually AK Engineering provides construction work according with existing design estimate documentation. However, if necessary, may also sign the contract for general design of objects.

Thus, the general contract includes all stages of the work, from the documentation to the final delivery of the project in operation.

Investor (Customer) chooses General Designer for the implementation of capital projects. General Designer is an organization that is working on the design, linking design solutions, comprehensive coordination of design decisions with authorities.

General designer performs and coordinates all works related to the successful implementation of the project from architectural concepts to the positive conclusion of the inspection.

General design :

development of architectural concept ;
preparation of data for obtaining technical specifications ;
preparation of data for engineering surveys ;
the design and working documents:

- explanatory note;
- planning organization scheme of the land;
- architectural solutions;
- design and three-dimensional solutions ;
- information on the engineering equipment, network engineering and technical support, the list of engineering measures, content of technology solutions.

General designer is responsible for the timing of the project, coordination of project documentation, quality of work . Investor's decision related to the choice of a strong general designer is also a key factor in the success of the project.

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