Reconstruction is a special kind of construction associated with the rearrangement of existing buildings and structures for the purpose of full or partial change their function, replacement of obsolete and worn-out technological and engineering equipment, worn or inappropriate performance requirements of structures and engineering systems, bringing to correspondence with modern sanitary, technical and environmental requirements.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures include reconfiguration, construction of additional areas, reinforcement of supporting structures, replacement of communications equipment, and other measures.

Replacement and repair utilities. Installs, repairs and reconstruction of water supply, canalization, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrification, as well as low-voltage networks. Within the framework of reconstruction of the building is made reinforcing and repair of columns, beams, slabs and beams.

Reconstruction of the facade. Repair of stonework and brickwork, coated by siding, artificial stone, granite, stainless steel sheet, as well as other kinds of works on reconstruction and repair of the facades.

Reconstruction of residential, public and industrial buildings made ​​in the conditions of high stringency, which makes optimal use of building sets of mechanisms and machines impossible. Also, serious difficulties arise in connection with the need to stop the operation of the enterprise. Work on the reconstruction of buildings and structures are characterized by high labour intensity and total cost compared with new construction by 25-30%.

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