Crimea Breeze

A group of tourist high comfort hotels was designed in the territory, located among the unique nature of the Crimean coast in the picturesque landscape of the construction site of "Eco-tourism center" in Parkovoye settlement in the Crimea.

Hotel Complex
"Crimea Breeze"
Contract Works

CrimeaParkovoe Settlement (ex Zhukovka), territory of «Eco-Tourism Centre»

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The complex corresponds to
5star hotel category

Equipped embankment with the length of
500 m

Crimea Breeze

Parkovoe Settlement (ex Zhukovka), territory of «Eco-Tourism Centre»


All objects are designed with considering the relief area and environmental conditions to protect and preserve the existing landscape. In a functional sense the objects satisfy the highest standards of living, in the process of building high-quality materials, innovative designs and technologies were used.

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