Administration Building, erected at the request of the customer in a unique location on the border with the architectural reserve "Sophia Kyivskaya", included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Administrative building
General Design+General Contract

KievRylskiy Lane, 4

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6266 m2 total area

11 floor

663 m2 underground parking area


Rylskiy Lane, 4


Specificity of the buildings location required from AK Engineering to adhere to the special requirements for construction in historic areas in the process of construction. .

Engineering complexity in erecting the building made the services of technical supervision put special efforts to avoid even the slightest impact on the surrounding architectural environment.

At the same time it required to implement the concept of the customer and designers that would match the style and spirit of the existing monuments. Stone facade of the building distinguishes it from the similar structure and gives a spectacular look.

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